Japan Intro

Honshu Japan Established in 1965 in Japan, Fuji Natural Foods has been the leading manufacturer of natural vegetables. In Japan, Fuji’sfactories are equipped with state-of-the-art machines that efficiently supply products to the people of Japan.

Contributing to Japan’s healthy eating habits; all products that are produced within our factories in Japan are kept up to the highest of standards.

Fuji Natural Foods has three factories located in Japan. The primary factory that produces a majority of the Mung bean sprouts is located in Nikko, Japan. The headquarters of Fuji Natural Foods in Japan is locatedin the Gunma Prefecture. At the Gunma location the various sprouts and cut vegetables are washed thoroughly, tested and packaged.

Thethird factory is located in Tochigi; this plant produces sprouts that are made available commercially to smaller markets. At the Tochigi location the sprouts are washed and packaged to be readily available.

All three factories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure efficiency and food safety.


Nikko Factory (日光)

Nikko Factoru

  • Nikko City, Tochigi-Pref.
  • Site Area: 100,000m²
  • Grounds Area: 14,400m²
  • Building Area: 36,300m²
  • Production Capacity of Bean Sprounts: 240 tonnes max. /day

Factory Headquaters

Gumma Headquarters

  • Itakura-city, Gumma-pref
  • Production of cut vegetables
  • Deliver Center
  • Sales Dept.

Tochigi Factory

Tohigi Factory

  • Tohigi-city, Tochigi-Pref.
  • Production of Soybean Sprouts
  • Site Area: 11,000m²
  • Building Area: 5,600m²